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Jib Crane Manufacturers in India

Zip Cranes - Top portable jib crane manufacturers & suppliers in india

A jib is an operating arm that broadens evenly from the crane. The role of the jib is to help a movable lift fixed to either a wall or pillar mounted on the floor. It is generally utilized in modern premises. A major design and development lay in many parts of Jib Cranes. When contrasted with bridge or gantry cranes and workstation cranes, they are easy to operate and need less maintenance as they contain less part that could be potentially break down.

Jib cranes are adaptable proficient answer for moving material within an individual work station, for moving materials from workspace to workspace for serving as assistant lifting devices.

best jib crane manufacturers in india

Modheshwari offers both over-braced jib cranes with an encased XM steel profile and under-propped jibs with an I-beam profile. To follow the requirements and necessities of our esteemed clients, we are offering a quality proven assortment of JIB Cranes to the clients which are exceptionally requested across the market.

Wall Mounted Types (Tension Braked Jib Crane)

  • Capacity: Up to 3 Ton.
  • Span: Up to 6 mtr.
  • 180 degree rotation.
  • Utilized a std. I-beam.
  • Most economical style.
  • Allows max. Usage of the area.
Full cantilever Type
  • Capacity: Up to 3 Ton
  • Span: Up to 6 mtr.
  • 180 degree rotation.
  • Offers greatest potential under boom clearance because it can be installed closer to the ceiling than other wall mounted jib cranes.
  • Allow max. Usage of the work area.
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